When 3 become 2

My husband and I have generally been open in our sexual exploration. I’d suffice it to say that it is an ever-evolving beast.  We’ve tried almost every combination that you could think of. We’ve introduced single females, single males, multiple single females (something we lovingly refer to as a harem), us with another couple, us with 2 other couple, us with 3 other couples, me with a couple, or 2 couples, or 3……you get the point. A combination that we have rarely tried is me with another man without my husband present, or vice versa. It’s something that we’ve approached very lightly and with profound amounts of communication and trust, as those can be some deep waters.

We’ve recently become more intrigued by this idea, especially with the amount of time that we’ve been spending apart. So, we’ve expanded our searches and with more vigor included singles to see where it goes. My husband was the first to take advantage of the “Hall Pass”, while I was a bit more reluctant. I have…had, this overwhelming fear of intimacy with another man. My brain traveled down this path of 1-on-1 sex straight to potential divorce. I worried it would open something that I couldn’t contain. It turns out that I couldn’t have been more wrong!

About 6 months ago, the hubby and I went out on a date with a single guy that we found on Feeld. He was a charming and handsome guy and we all got along fantastically. At that time, we had not really done a lot separately, so we had a loose rule around both of us needing to be present for the first sexual encounter. This gentleman was brand new to anything like this, at least from a planned/thought out perspective and shied away from a threesome with us. After a lot of back and forth and a few separate experiences under our belt, I met up with this single guy alone for an amazing evening of playful banter, lots of licking and really great sex.

The night started off normal. He lived downtown, so I went there, since the burbs don’t offer too much nightlife.  I packed a bag just in case I ended up being there late. I didn’t want him to think I was being assumptive so I was very clear it was NOT an overnight bag (it was totally an overnight bag). We went to his place to drop off my stuff and he grabbed me and kissed me almost immediately. It was a wonderful way to kick off the evening, and I was thankful that he was a good kisser. We went out for some drinks and had the obligatory “How have you been? What have you been up to?” conversations before heading back to his place. From there on our conversations expanded more deeply and personally. I became interested in learning (and seeing) more. I was nervous about moving forward, even though my husband and I had spoken about it. And in the timeliest fashion I looked at my phone to see words of encouragement from him. Pushing me to move forward and hoping that “my little body feels good”. So, we moved to the couch to continue our discussion and shortly thereafter he began kissing me and quickly moved to kissing my legs and inner thighs. From there he started to lick me. I was a lucky girl that night as he licked me no less than 3 times. After hours of flirting, chatting and me returning the favor, we ended the evening with him on top of me and a huge smile on my face. As I mentally geared up to leave, he offered for me to stay the night. The hubs and I hadn’t discussed this, so I texted him to get the verdict. Even though it was past 4am at this point, he readily responded with a “yes”. I would call the night a success.

And while I had this crushing fear of spending time like this with someone 1-on-1, it was overshadowed with adoration and thankfulness for my husband. How lucky am I that my husband wants so badly for me to feel good and be wanted that he would allow me to do such a thing? Also, it put this great resurgence in our sex life! We are back to daily or every other day sex, just the way that I like it. With this abundance of benefits, we are going to continue down this path and see where the road takes us. While I’m not interested in an emotional relationship with anyone, I’ll be on the lookout for my next potential date.


  1. My wife and I have the same feelings and she has had some fun with guys alone. She wants to do it more but the guys cannot help falling in love with her which is a real turnoff to her. She has lately stated “guys are too much trouble” because they create an uncomfortable situation for us both.


  2. WOW!!!You go girl.You have such an awesome hubby to trust you like he does.we love the way you guys sort things out.My man and i follow yous because we love the way its about you both and not just one of yous.So sexy girl!.


  3. i absolutely enjoyed ur recall of events, it so hot to read for me, please post more of ur adventures as y r the sexy hottest wife writing ive found, u really do it for me;; thanks and write more soon please.. toolman


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