What She Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Her

I’m horny pretty much every minute of the day. If I’m not, it takes no more than three seconds to arouse me. A sexy voice, flirtatious eye contact, familiar scent, various images (explicit or not), suggestive texts, and countless other external stimuli. But the greatest extent of my arousal is within my own fabulous, perpetually dirty mind. My sexual desire is maddening and often compels my irrationality. My one track mind sometimes makes it difficult to consider anything or anyone else a priority. Some mornings I can’t leave the house without getting myself off once or twice. God forbid I’m on the treadmill watching all the man meat lifting, sweating, and grunting. Or worse, a spandex clad teenager with a bubble butt using the inner thigh machine. My pussy will twitch and throb incessantly. Literally screaming at me to get fucked. I’ve left many a wet spot on those gym benches. My tie between scent and desire is strong. I’m addicted to the smell of my own pussy. My fingers are in my wet spot constantly. At times I purposely don’t wash them so I can savor that sweet scent as long as it lingers. I love the seam of tight jeans against my clit. One of the many random things I grind on when I feel pressure where I’m most sensitive. Barstools, countertop edges, people’s legs, pillows. Anything at the appropriate height or placement. When I need to cum, I find a way. I’ve masturbated at 4 am watching porn in the common area during night shift. I’ve made myself cum while driving, with three kids asleep in the back seat. 

The variety of things that arouse me is extensive and continues to grow. Much of my newly added material involves dark and taboo scenarios. One of my favorites is taking advantage of an unconscious girl. Sleeping heavily, drugged, doesn’t matter. So long as she’s lifeless and unable to fight back. For many years I’ve masturbated to thoughts of being both the man and the girl in this scenario. Or being an accomplice to a man to experience the pleasure through his eyes. Most commonly I envision myself as the predator. I want to prey on a sweet petite college girl. She’s home alone, in a secluded area. I enter through a carelessly unlocked back door. I quietly make my way upstairs to her bedroom. It’s still painted pink from her not so long ago childhood, adorned with butterflies, stuffed animals, and cheerleading trophies. She’s asleep, facing the wall, one leg parted to the side. Her tiny cotton shorts gaping just enough for me to see that she’s wearing light pink bikini panties. The small piece of material tight against her pussy, although I’m only able to see one of her bubbly little lips. She looks so fragile, her extremities thin, her skin smooth and on the pale side. I’m hard as a rock standing over her, admiring her youthful beauty. I run my fingertips along her inner thighs, stopping when I feel the warmth between them. My hand fits so perfectly there, cupping her little mound. When she doesn’t flinch, I gently, eagerly slide a finger beneath the thin material of her panties and pull it back. Her pussy is just as I had imagined. Tiny, smooth, light pink. Her outer lips round, pressed together as if they had never before been parted. What if they hadn’t? What if this young girl had never felt the fullness of a man inside of her? The thought tantalizes me. My cock is throbbing. Adrenaline and desire rush through my veins as I fight the urge to plunge myself deep inside of her all at once. I mustn’t wake her. I shall take my time and savor the seconds. 

I straighten her bent leg to meet the other and roll her to her back. I shimmy her shorts and panties down together carefully. I bring the piece that was pressed against her opening to my nose and inhale deeply. These panties hadn’t been worn long, their scent was of fresh linen with the faintest hint of musk, although that too smelled clean. My apprehension diminishes little by little each time my touch is met with stillness. I pause to watch the shallow rise and fall of her small chest. She is very much alive, but her unresponsiveness electrifies me. She is but a toy to be used. However I please. Solely for my pleasure. That power ignites a darkness of my innermost desires. 
With her scent still on my nose, I lift her ankles and spread her legs wide. She looks flawless lying there like a doll. Her white tank top hugging her delicate frame, her undersized breasts barely noticeable. I need to taste her. I lay between her parted thighs, my face inches from her beautiful little pussy. I inhale once again to capture her sweet aroma. Two fingers lightly trace her sealed lips. My mouth hungers for that smoothness. I glide the tip of my wet tongue up her pink lip arching above her teeny clit tucked inside, peeking out ever so slightly, and down the other side. The same two fingers tenderly separate her to reveal even pinker, tinier inner lips. Her hole closed, seemingly impenetrable. My tongue finds her wet spot and wiggles there, relishing in her sweetness. Like sugar. 

My mouth wets a finger and I circle it at her opening. My cock is aching at this point, craving release. But first I must prime her teeny hole. I don’t want to cause her pain. I simply must ream this innocent helpless girl. Because my body begs me to. Because my mind has played this out hundreds of times, compelling profoundly intense orgasms. Because I can. One finger slowly, steadily presses against her moist tissue, easing its way inside. She surrounds my finger tightly as I pivot it up and down, side to side. I slide my finger out, then moisten two with my mouth this time. The delicious nectar of the first arouses my taste buds, I salivate for more. Two fingers inch their way inside of her. The initial resistance against me drives every ounce of my flowing blood directly to the tip of my dick. This little pussy is going to wrap around me so fucking tight. I spread my two fingers apart just a bit and gently stretch her open a few times. She’s ready. 

I unzip my jeans and pull down my boxer briefs to reveal my anxious pulsating bulge. My tip is dripping with pre cum. I use it to further wet her already glistening lips. I tease myself, guiding my length back and forth between her tiny pink slit. Careful not to slip inside. So deliciously slippery. I point my cock directly where her tiny hole hides beneath those perfectly closed lips. Slow steady pressure. Her walls firm against me, giving way centimeter by centimeter until I’m completely inside of her. I stop for a moment to appreciate her exquisiteness. That angelic face turned obliviously to the side. Her long dirty blonde hair fanned out erratically. Her slender arms by her sides, palms open, small flaccid unpainted fingers. Her protruding collar and hip bones, almost child like on her lean frame. I slide myself nearly out of her, taking a mental picture of how beautiful her little pussy looks gripping my cock. I thrust forward again with an added force. Her hard cervix greeting my sensitive tip. Oh my god. The sensation is intense, undefinable, beyond compare. In that moment, nothing else exists. No memories, no guilt, no consequences. Only my burning desire to use this innocent little girl as my fuck toy. To destroy her sweet young pussy and fill it with my cum. I had never felt anything so amazing in my entire life. My speed and impact escalate more quickly than I anticipated. I couldn’t pull back, I didn’t want to. One last thrust, every inch of her filled and stretched for me. As deep as my cock could physically go, then a few millimeters more as my tip grinds firmly against her cervix. All of my weight on top of her gorgeous lifeless body. Exploding into a million little pieces of primal bliss. 

I stay inside of her for several minutes as I regulate my breathing. My body tremors sporadically as I come back to reality. All the while, her body paralyzed and unresponsive. The only movement is her petite chest grazing mine as she inhales. I note the sheer size difference of my broad body hovering over hers and feel powerful. I ease myself out of her and redress. I replace her panties and shorts and return her to the side lying position I found her in. I leave no trace of my presence. I imagine her waking in the passing hours. Confused by the tenderness between her thighs. Rushing to the bathroom as she feels my huge load dripping into her panties. And I grin deviously. 

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