About Us

We are just a couple of girls who happen to love the sexual freedom and confidence that comes from being a part of this community.  We met about two years ago at a hotel takeover party in North Carolina and have been friends ever since.

We have always loved sharing the details of our escapades with each other, whether it be all of the intimate details of our sexual experiences or the emotional roller coaster that we ride throughout each new adventure. These story exchanges provided some additional perspective outside of the discussions that we have with our partners immediately following a new exploit.  It made us even more comfortable with our sexual exploration. And it made us want to share it with others.

While the two of us are very similar when it comes to sexual prowess and philosophies on life and sex, our approach is vastly different.  Letisha has a blunt, aggressive and sexually charged nature, while always thinking about her next big venture and Sara, while sexually charged in her own way, has a softer more accepting attitude towards the lifestyle. With our power combined we hope to take a soft enough approach to light the way for any newbies to the scene but maintain an edge that keeps us sexy, provocative and appealing to all levels of experience.