My husband and I have generally been open in our sexual exploration. I’d suffice it to say that it is an ever-evolving beast.  We’ve tried almost every combination that you could think of. We’ve introduced single females, single males, multiple single females (something we lovingly refer to as a harem), us with another couple, us […]

Guys, this blog post is for you! I’m Chad, the luckiest husband on earth as I am married to the beautiful and sexually insatiable Letisha. About a month ago Letisha and I went on a lifestyle cruise where we had the opportunity to browse many of the latest and greatest toys for the bedroom. There […]

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first exposition that was aimed at Love and Sex. It was filled with adult film stars, cam girls, toy makers, lube manufacturers, swingers groups, sexy clothiers, and anything else that you can imagine being related to the topics of Love and Sex. And let me […]

I was recently reminded of the extensive growth my husband and I have experienced since we began our lifestyle journey six years ago. We were attending a hotel takeover a few hours away. We planned to reunite with two couples we’re close with. Since my change in mindset of requiring a connection with others before […]