FullSizeRenderI live life right on the border of unacceptable. I love brutal honesty and shock value. Rules are intended to be bent. I’ve been told I’m dripping with sex appeal. I’ve also been told I’m a trouble maker. I eye fuck men constantly, single or married, at the gym, bar, or PTA meeting. I believe in the power of the V and never hesitate to take advantage of it. Can you ever really have too much attention? Sex is my driving force. I’m on the trashy side of classy. If I want to fuck you, you know. Most likely because I’ve told you. I make the personal impersonal and enjoy putting all of me out on the table. I’m a lot to handle, but most people love me. I’m confident. Times 10. I sing and dance in the car and don’t care who is watching. My sexual appetite is insatiable. I’ll try most things once. I’m not a hard worker, I’m a hard player. I put too much emphasis on my physical attributes and fully intend on having a breakdown once everything starts going south. I’m a loyal friend once you’ve made the cut, but tend to engage little with newcomers. Unless you’re reallllllllly hot or there’s an immediate connection. But mostly if you’re hot. I’m hilarious. And obviously very modest.

Screen name: FuninRaleigh