After your Swinging Experience

You’ve just experienced your first threesome, foursome or moresome. Or maybe you lived out your voyeur fantasy and watched another couple go at it. Whatever the sexy new endeavor, you’re high on life and horny as hell. Now what?  Here are a few suggestions to ensure your success in navigating these new waters.

It’s important to remember that honesty is the foundation of this lifestyle and communicating openly and without fear will be vital in ensuring your success in this new world. Few things connect you to your lover like baring your soul (the good, bad, and ugly) and in return you’ll feel acknowledged, understood, accepted and valued.

You should ensure your partner continually feels like they’re your number one. Regularly evaluate if your actions portray them as your prime regard and desire. Maybe she was making noises you’ve never heard before. Or the look on his face while the other chick was sucking his cock was foreign to you. We want our lovers to enjoy it, but it’s natural to have a twinge of insecurity when pondering if that experience was more pleasurable for them than ones you two have shared. Reminding your significant other that your relationship and sex life are far beyond comparison to this wild new world should help put them at ease. You won’t have to fib about that either, because it’s fact. The most mind-blowing sex you’ll have is with your true love.

Another way to reinforce the connection between you and your significant other post-play is to debrief. Relive each moment through the other’s eyes. Were you ever uneasy? Why? Would you do it again? What would you do differently next time? Did anything surprise you? Did you feel any sort of jealousy? What turned you on? Give details. How did it feel? Physically and mentally. The sights, sounds and sensations. What was your favorite part?

The debrief could go a little something like this: You get home from an amazing orgy. Completely hot and bothered from everything you just experienced. You won’t be able to keep your hands off one another. It will be passionate and primal. You had a taste of someone new, you felt desired and alive. It ignited something inside of you that can’t be contained. But only in the comfort of your soul mate’s body will you fully release that tension raging between your thighs.