Is swinging right for you?

This is probably the hardest part; how do you decide if swinging is right for you? As a couple you’ve discussed the idea of partner swapping, but are nervous about everything that comes along with acting on it. The honest truth is, the only way to decide if this lifestyle is right for you is to talk, talk, talk, talk and test the waters little by little.

We’ve met people from all different walks of life that started on this journey in very diverse ways. As a matter of fact, exchanging “how did you get started” stories is the most frequent first time discussion we like-minded couples have. It’s interesting to hear about the background of what our sexuality looked like prior to swinging compared to the invigorating and empowering experiences we have now. It frequently makes us laugh and wish that we found each other and this community a lot sooner in life.

A great place to start is by describing your favorite sexual experiences with your partner. You can start with experiences that you’ve had together, what you liked about them and why (the WHY is so important here!). If you’re feeling bold you can discuss the most memorable sexual experiences you’ve had with someone else. This can be scary and intimidating at first as talking about your past sexual encounters is not something most do naturally. We typically shy away from those discussions, glazing over the details. Or maybe you graduate into those topics when you feel more comfortable. But if you’re not able to get into the details of what you like, then swinging might not be for you. Yet.

Another valuable step is to do your homework! Read our stories and experiences, use the resources that we have available to see what others have been through. There’s good, bad and ugly, read it all.  And if you have questions, ASK US!