Our Goal

To diminish the Stigma of Non-Monogamy….

Being a sexually open person doesn’t come easy to all of us.  Especially as females, we tend to hide our sexual drive and only share it with our partners and maybe our closest friends.  We lie about the number of sexual partners we’ve had. We skew the details of our most sexual adventures, like whether or not we’ve engaged with multiple partners at the same time.  We sometimes feel that we aren’t being our true selves because we can’t let it all out and say what we really feel or want.  It’s a fact, by nature we are non-monogamous beings.  We lust for others, fantasize about all of the things that a stranger could make you feel and how different it could be.   But most of us keep this bottled up inside,  fearing  judgement, guilt, and rejection.

Our goal is to educate people on what living a non-monogamous lifestyle means and how it’s possible to be closer than ever to your partner.  It can be done through sharing your most intimate fantasies, regardless of how embarrassing you may find them.  We hope that through this site, you will find the information  you need to initiate those conversations, and potentially act them out.  Our relationships, confidence, and friendships have all flourished due to becoming a part of this community and we want to share that with all of you.  We hope that as you read through our experiences you realize that you are not alone in lusting for others and you are not shameful for wanting to act on it.