Highs and Lulls

There comes a time where you just have to admit somethings…..

We are obviously not in the highest of times in our Swinging “careers”.  If so, you’d be pretty sure, because you’d be hearing all about it. Were also not in a low. Our paths are all different and in different places for different reasons. These happen to be our reasons, but they don’t define us, shape us, or restrict us. We love all of the openness of this community and we are forever a part of it. We’re not gone, we’re still in, we just haven’t been writing as much, as we’re sorry for that. 

I honestly think by nature Swingers seem to exhibit one dominant quality. I’ll call it being Self-centered. This is not a knock. It’s an admission. I can’t think of a single person who is all-in on this lifestyle for their partner. Everyone is driven by their own personal desires, and guess what, that’s OK! But sometimes there comes a time where you just have to admit that you’re not getting what you want out of it all. Or, it’s not everything that you thought it would be. I love the variety I get in the LS, it’s something that has fueled me from the beginning. I also love my husband more than anything in the world and I love the dichotomy of both of those statements. I want my safe place and I also want as much freedom as possible. Apparently I really am a Gemini. And apparently, even the variety of variety can get kind of….routine. 

As for my counterpart, she’s found a different reason to be less enthusiastic about the LS and everything that it brings. Love. She loves her husband above all else. And she loves love. Not necessarily the easiest of things to deal with. 

We are forever strong, forever supportive, we just haven’t been writing. We both have intense plans of continuation even as early as tomorrow, but for now we just wanted to explain our love, our support and really our reason for being so absent. 


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